Ride as a Team

When you ask your friends and family to join your team, and in turn they start asking others, the ball starts rolling. Before you know it your team will grow into dozens of people asking dozens of people! It can grow into five, ten, maybe as many as a hundred people who would not otherwise have known about The 2016 MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer. So get started and recruit your teammates today!

NOTE: Each team member is still required to individually raise his or her minimum fundraising requirement. We encourage team members to raise even more! The purpose of a team is to support each individual in doing more, not less, than they could do on their own.


When you form a team, you create a group of people that can train together and raise money together. It is a great way to keep your motivation up and your fundraising on track. You can hold each other accountable and keep each other company along the way. Having others to lean on, and having others count on you, will push you to get up a little earlier in the morning and get through those extra kilometres. Plus, it makes The Ride that much more fun to be doing with a group of friends as committed to conquering cancer as you are.


Here are some ways you can Ride with a team:

  • Ask another Rider you meet at an Orientation or Training Ride.
  • Call a Ride Guide to find other Riders who are looking to be part of a team.
  • Form a team around your family. It is a bonding experience that you will never forget.
  • Start a team with your workmates. Talk to your Human Resources Director about the value the experience could bring to team spirit at your company.

If you have already registered as a Rider or Crew Member for The 2016 MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, you can register your team by emailing your Ride Guides at perthguides@conquercancer.org.au.

If you haven't registered to participate yet, you can register yourself and your team at the same time. If you're using the online participant registration form, just select "Start a Team" (or "Join a Team" if you are registering for the first time as a member of an already existing team).

Each time a new team member comes on board, just email perthguides@conquercancer.org.au to add their name to the team.

Remember, you always have the support of our Ride Guides for fundraising advice. Give us a call at 1300 99 7433 and we will help you plan a spectacular team fundraising event.


Looking for a team to join? Now is the time!

There are many teams throughout the state that are open to taking on new team members. Take a look at the list below and select which team you would like to join! Already registered as an individual Rider? You can join any of those teams at any time! Just give us a call at 1300 99 RIDE and we will be happy to make the change for you.

*By joining a team, you are agreeing to share your contact information with your team captain for team activities and communications.

Crack Cycling

Vision Crusaders

Wheely Ambitious