With our support you will not only raise an incredible amount of money for cancer research, but also be completely ready to cycle the most meaningful journey of your life. Cyclists are required to raise a minimum of $2,500 in donations, but in fact on average our riders raise $3,500 or more because of all the support we provide!

The key is getting started if you haven't already. More funds raised means more support for critical cancer fighting efforts at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Donation Deadline - Make sure your mailed donations are postmarked by 3 October, 2016 in order to be credited to your total fundraising amount before the event. But you can keep fundraising online until 14 October, 2016! You will also be able to hand in last minute donations on Day One, before the Opening Ceremonies. Don’t forget that each donation must have a completed donation form.


Set High Goals

The minimum fundraising requirement is $2,500. This does not have to be the ceiling for your personal goal as the average participant raises much more than that. Think of fundraising as a personal challenge but also as a part of the adventure. What will your fundraising goal be? Double the minimum? Triple? The good news is that there are many different ways to fundraise. And remember, you are not asking people to fund a new car or an exotic holiday. You are asking for money to help provide critical cancer research.

Create Your List of Potential Donors

Write down the names of all of the people in your life. Family, friends, neighbours, co-workers. Include your doctor, mechanic, relatives, everyone you talk to... Don’t leave anyone out. Next to each name on your list, write the method by which you will contact this person for a donation (face-to-face meeting, email from your Personal Page, a fundraising letter, or a fundraising party).

Email from Your Personal Page

Sending an email from your Personal Page is the easiest and most effective way to fundraise. Send a fundraising letter as an email to the people who are comfortable with computers. This is a great way to network because you can ask your donors to forward your email donation request to everyone they know.

Expanding Your Giving Circle

Word of mouth is a great way to increase your fundraising. Give your friends and family extra donation forms to pass out and ask them to talk to people about the event and your participation in it. You’ll reach people you never even knew before.

Cash Donations

Have you been given a cash donation? You can process this 2 ways. Either fill out a printed donation form and attach a personal cheque with the donation amount, or make a donation online using your credit card equal to the cash donation you received. The donor will receive a tax receipt via email or mail, according to whatever information you give on the form.


Your Personal Page

After you register, create your own Personal Page online in your Participant Centre. On your Personal Page you can tell your story, post a photo, and request donations. When donors go to your page, they can read your donation request and donate right there online. Please encourage all of your donors to use the online system. It saves time and money, and your donations will be credited to your account immediately, instead of three weeks of processing time that paper donation forms require. Your Personal Page also automatically tracks your fundraising balance, so you and your donors can watch your progress. You can also view donation reports from your Personal Page or send out thank you emails. Research shows that Riders who customise their Personal Pages with an inspiring story and photo and send emails through their Participant Centre raise an average of 22% more than those who don’t.

Send an email from your Participant Centre

Sending an email from your Participant Centre is the easiest and most effective way to fundraise. Upload your contacts from your address book and send an email to all your friends and family encouraging them to donate to you. You will find customisable pre-written letters in your Participant Centre, or you can write your own message.

Email Signature

Fundraising just got easier by simply signing your name electronically. Login to your Participant Centre, add the brand new Ride to Conquer Cancer email badge and extend your fundraising efforts to all your contacts you email every day! Personalised just for you, the email badge will show your contacts your fundraising goal and progress, and link directly to your personal page. The email badge is compatible with all email programs and can be placed on multiple accounts.

Facebook Application

The Facebook application is designed to increase your fundraising by driving donations via Facebook with help from your Facebook friends and community. When you download the application from your Participant Centre, you will be directed to an interactive Ride canvas page letting you post your profile picture, send a stream story and share your personal story. The stream stories will update on all your friends’ news feeds and link them directly to donate to your fundraising.

Login to your Participant Centre and click on the "Social Media" tab to download the application and start fundraising on Facebook today!

Mobile Application

The Ride mobile application allows you to login to your Participant Centre directly from your mobile device. It’s a great tool for tracking your fundraising progress and keeping you current on all Ride news! Within the app you can update your personal page including adding a photo directly from your device, send emails to friends and family, follow our Twitter feed and watch yourself get closer and closer to your fundraising goal!

Download the app for free from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market.

Face-to-Face Meeting (aka "The Big ASK"):

For potential major contributors ($3,000, $4,000 or more), you will want to set up a face-to-face meeting. Don't be scared to ask for large contributions. If the donor cannot give that much, they are still likely to give a large donation.

Follow Up

If you haven’t received a response from someone you’ve asked for a donation, be sure to follow up. Make a phone call or send a quick note to make sure that they haven’t forgotten your request. A good way to keep people involved in your adventure is to send an update newsletter or email. Keep your donors and potential donors informed of your fundraising and training progress. After the event, you may want to send out a newsletter or email with some photos, and an additional thank you for your donors’ support.

There are sample thank you letters in your Participant Centre.


Remind your sponsors to check with their Human Resources Department at work to see if their company has a matching gifts program. This is a great way to double your sponsor's contribution while helping their company gain visibility as a result of their charitable efforts.

Ask your company to support you. Talk to your boss or human resources director. Once you get the boss on board your co-workers will follow. Ask your company for a large corporate contribution or to match everything you raise. Will they sponsor a fundraising event? Will they publicise your Ride in the company newsletter? If there are four other Riders from work will they sponsor a corporate team?

Put up a chart of your training and fundraising progress. Put up a map of the route and auction off kilometres. Make a poster with a picture of you on your bike and attach pledge forms to it and post it on your door. Be creative.

Use email or inter-office memos (get permission). Ask if you can make a presentation during a staff meeting.

Hometown Press

Sharing your story with the media is a great way to bolster your fundraising campaign and raise awareness about the cause in your community. By participating in The MACA Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, you’re making a bold statement that your community will want to know about.

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